Retirement Planning

The Key To Enjoying Your Golden Years

Retirement planning can help you enjoy your golden years and a good plan, crafted with the help of a professional, is the key to making your retirement dreams come true.

Retirement planning in the traditional sense no longer applies. Whether you choose to retire early or work well into your 70’s or 80’s you’ll need a solid plan and the commitment to doing all you can to carry through with your plan. Whatever your stage in life you can count on Irongate Financial Services, Inc. for sound retirement planning advice.

Today there are a myriad of options to choose from and many ways to work toward achieving your retirement goals. The professionals at Irongate Financial Services, Inc. take great pride in creating retirement plans for their clients. They make the many complicated choices and options involved in the creation of a retirement plan simple for their clients to understand.

Retirement planning is especially important today for a myriad of reasons including the following:

  • The average life expectancy has increased dramatically
  • Our standard of living has changed
  • The uncertainty of social security and healthcare

Some key issues to consider and discuss thoroughly, when creating your retirement plans with an Irongate Financial Services professional, include the following:

  • Lifestyle planning
  • Health care
  • Housing needs, location, financial implications
  • Income requirements and planning for retirement years
  • Caring for family members
  • Estate planning
  • Retirement “Peace of Mind”

The key to a successful retirement plan is starting as early as possible. The Irongate Financial Services team looks forward to helping guide you on your path to achieving an enjoyable retirement. We look forward to having a conversation with you about your retirement planning needs soon. Please call us today.

Retirement Planning Works

What Satisfaction!

Early in my practice, I was referred to a client that was serving as an Associate Pastor. He and his wife had a couple of small children and were living on a very tight budget. We talked about planning ideas for their future including a larger home, paying for college tuitions, their personal dreams, and their golden years of retirement - even though at the time retirement was many, many years away. Of all the things we discussed and planned for, the most important was to have a plan with specific goals that he and his family could work toward. Together we created a solid financial plan, including retirement planning, and implemented strategies and goals he and his wife could live with throughout their lives. Over the years we continued to evaluate and tweak their financial planning and retirement tactics as necessary as life’s opportunities and situations arose for them.

Today his children have gone through college and are raising families of their own. He and his wife have built their dream home and they have saved and invested enough to plan for a comfortable retirement.

Their plan has worked beautifully for them and has created yet another highly satisfying experience for my company and me. My client’s success continues to provide the excitement and passion I have for my profession each and every day.

I hope my associates and I get the opportunity to help you with your financial and retirement planning too – no matter what stage of life you are in. Let’s have a conversation soon and together create some great stories about your financial future!

Dave Stevens

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